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Tally Counters

April 21, 2021 Shira & Arielle Season 2
Counter Programming with Shira & Arielle
Tally Counters
Show Notes

This week, more counters! Tally counters.

Welcome to Counter Programming with Shira & Arielle. Each week, we bring you information on anything with the word "count" or "counter" in its title. We started as a pandemic distraction cast. And we will continue until we're both fully vaccinated and incubated.

A tally counter is usually cased in metal and is cylindrical in shape. Part of the circle is flattened out and contains a window of plastic or glass. Inside the counter are a number of rings with the numbers from 0 to 9 in descending order going clockwise. Most counters have four such rings, allowing the user to count up to 9999. A metal ring may be attached to aid in holding the counter, and usually half the ring is bent to allow it to fold flush with the counter when not in use.
- Wikipedia

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